Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize FTW (Update: Rightbloggers React!)


Apparently somebody thinks promising to close Gitmo and stop torture, making a speech to the Arab world, and in general not being so much of a dick as most recent Presidents deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

What do we know? Maybe previous winner Muhammad Yunus‘ microlending doesn’t have the same effect on world peace as a few bold strokes by the President.

Two things to be glad of, though: first, it’s nice to have the world’s respect again; and second, this is really going to piss off the rightbloggers — especially the ones who were just telling us Obama was now despised by the global community because Chicago lost the Olympics. Maybe Andrew Breitbart will start a site called “Big Oslo.” And the thought of Michelle Malkin‘s increasingly hoarse cries of “skreeee” will add a little sweetener to our Friday.

Update: It begins! “Don’t forget. Yasser Arafat won a Nobel Peace Prize, too.” “If today’s headlines said, ‘Barack Obama Wins Yasser Arafat Prize,'” says National Review‘s Andy McCarthy, “that would be perfect.” The Peace Prize is inherently corrupt!…

Another early meme: Obama must reject the Prize. Otherwise he’s a real loser. “If Barack Obama has any political smarts,” says Josh Trevino, “he will announce this morning that the Prize is deeply premature, and that he won’t go to accept.” The Nobel Prize is the final nail in the coffin of Presidencies: Remember, two years after he won his, Teddy Roosevelt was out of a job.

Update 2: “Anyone who understands the reality of the world,” says American Elephant, “will understand that this is not an honor for our nation, but additional evidence that Obama’s Presidency is a disaster.”

All that’s left now is for a delegation of space aliens to come to earth and offer Obama the Presidency of the Universe. Then he’ll be impeached for sure.

Update 3: This explains everything: “Antichrist Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.” (h/t Alex Koppelman.) Meanwhile The Atlantic Wire pick up the call for Obama to throw it back into the outfield. Time says a good reason it’s bad is that… rightbloggers will say so. The liberal media: Is there anything it can’t fuck up?

Update 3: Aw hell no, they went there: “I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news.” Erick Erickson of RedState also says, “The Peace Prize reaffirms it s a joke. But now a sad joke.” Time for conservatives to make their own Peace Prize, perhaps named after Curtis LeMay, and give it to John Bolton. That’ll show everybody.

Update 4: The President has accepted the Prize, which is of course a disastrous mistake.