Buy Paul Rudnick’s New Book!


If you don’t know who Paul Rudnick is, I’ll come over and personally take away your gay card and your Britney collection too.

He’s a well known playwright (Jeffrey) and screenwriter (Addams Family Values, In & Out), and now the effortlessly witty author has a book out–an essay collection called I Shudder: And Other Reactions To Life, Death, and New Jersey–and you absolutely must get it. I promise it’ll go with your apartment.

The book is hilarious and wise, including Paul’s recollections of his early days in Manhattan, his experiences with his rivetingly haggling Aunt Lil, and his ventures in Hollywood, where he hung with caftan-wearing producer Alan Carr, big star Bette Midler, and even some normal people.

So buy the book already. You will choke with laughter and wisdom.