City To Be Less Gay This Weekend


Expect the city to be a little less gay this weekend. Thousands of gay and lesbian New Yorkers will be heading out of town to attend the National Equality March
in Washington, D.C.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and presumptive incoming Queens City Councilman Danny Drom have organized bus trips which will be leaving from all over the city. Groups as varied as Broadway Impact, Marriage Equality New York, schools and churches have also chartered buses to attend the largest ever gay March on Washington. (Tickets are now scarce, but as our colleagues over in events point out, you can attend this weekend’s Polyamorous Cuddle Party in Central Park and get a free ride to the march after.)

The march will end on the Capitol Mall, with Quinn joining Cleve Jones, Lt. Dan Choi, Judy Shepard and others to speak. Despite the fact that the march route will go right past his house, President Obama will not be addressing the assembly, many of whom have criticized the newest Nobel Peace Prize Winner for not making peace with them. However, he is concerned enough about not making good on his campaign promises to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense Of Marriage Act that he will address the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner the night before.