Obama Accepts Nobel Prize, Signaling End of Failed Presidency


President Obama, despite the urging of his mortal enemies, appears to have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, saying he is “both surprised and deeply humbled.” Rush Limbaugh calls the award an “embarrassment,” which surprises us, as we thought Limbaugh incapable of embarrassment. At National Review Daniel Pipes claims “the absurdity of the prize decision will harm Obama politically in the United States, contrasting his role as international celebrity with his record devoid of accomplishments.” Wow, he better not win anything else or they’ll come and get him with a rope.

Eye of Polyphemus claims “we have been gelded thanks to Obama. Now he has been rewarded for it.” Shouldn’t he have won for Medicine, then? “He won the prize because he’s a leftist, because he’s black and because he’s not Bush,” analyzes Left Coast Rebel. The American Spectator suggests the Nobel Committee was drunk.

“The Nobel Prize is dead to me,” says theblogprof. The Nobel Committee has yet to react.