The Blogroll Gazette: ‘Gourmet’ Postmortems; Vendrification Examined


This week in food blogs…

Eater National looked back at 68 years of Gourmet covers.

Grub Street found out that Mia Dona is closing for renovations for a few weeks.

The Feedbag reacted to the FTC’s plan to overhaul “endorsements and testimonials” regulations to include bloggers… could this be the end of free spaghetti for food blogs?

The Food Section took a flu shot. No, not a vaccine. A shot of oyster, gazpacho, and tequila at Queens seafood restaurant London Lennies.

Midtown Lunch weighed in on why New York will never fall prey to “vendrification”: new upscale trucks don’t make money.

Serious Eats responded to the accusation that food blogs killed Gourmet.

Eat Me Daily discovered the steering wheel dining table: a very bad idea, indeed.

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