The Office, World’s Fattest Cat Implicated in David Letterman Staffer Sex Scandal


A lawyer for Robert Joe Halderman, the guy arrested for blackmailing David Letterman over his affairs with staffers, told Good Morning America yesterday that his client is innocent — or, rather, “did not have the intent required by the statute” on which he was charged. Sources claim Halderman has “six or seven” names of women employed by the Late Show with whom the host had dalliances. ABC also finds a tie-in to a subplot on The Office (“With the Letterman scandal and ‘The Office’ wedding buzz both in the news, it seems everyone’s dissecting workplace relationships these days…”)

NOW has denounced Letterman (“The latest Letterman controversy sheds new light on the widespread objectification of women in the workplace”); the UK Metro says his humorous apology “lands him in hotter water with wife“; Showbiz Spy claims she wants a divorce

The Weekly World News says Letterman has admitted to an affair with the “World’s Fattest Cat.” (“According to sources they would often go to a place in Chinatown that offered ‘all you can eat dumplings.'”)

Dallas Lowe of Naughty America (“Best American Porn Site for Mature Porn, hot teachers, and Fantasy Sex”) issues a “ Letter to the David Lettermans of the World ,” offering “32 sites devoted to specific fantasies you may have. If you want sex with an employee, try,” and asking readers to “email me personally and let me know all of the fantasies you would love to see and experience.”