Verrazano Toll-Taker Skimmed $1,093, D.A. Charges


Joseph Ryan Sforza, the Staten Island D.A. charges, wasn’t happy with his earnings as a tool-booth attendant on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, so he started pocketing some of the money drivers handed him. His clever plan was allegedly to take the higher tolls charged for trucks, count them as cars and keep the difference — $10 per hit before the recent toll increase, $11 after. But even toll collectors are not immune from video surveillance these days, and Sforza was observed; also, “the tolls Sforza collected did not correspond to the weight of the vehicles that passed through his station,” reports the Staten Island Advance. He was arrested yesterday and charged with skimming $1,093 between May and August. “We take these things very seriously,” says an MTA Bridges and Tunnels spokeswoman.