Respect and admiration, now half price or less


So, that $40 million Mr. Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly, and Senate Homeland Security Chair Mr. Lieberman (along with ranking member Long Island’s Mr. King and some other Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee) asked for to fund sensors that detect radioactive materials and dirty bombs for the tristate area?

Yeah, well. Not so much.

Senator Schumer announced this week that, despite the efforts of Reps Lowey and Serrano on the conference committee, he was only able to convince Senate leadership to return $20 million of the money in the House bill that was stripped out of this year’s spending by the Senate, leaving us an equal amount short.

Or possibly more than an equal amount – the money allotted to the Securing the Cities program is not specifically assigned to New York, and can be sent elsewhere if Homeland Security officials who aren’t impressed with our efforts choose to.

Mr. Price of NC, the current Chairman of the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, was also not who Mr. Obama was referring to when he said our local anti-terror efforts had the “respect and admiration of all americans.” Price says the $20 million is up for grabs because we haven’t spent all the money we got in past years yet.

Which, you know, credit where due – you rarely get a politician to say out loud that they look for profligacy in government spending when they’re making funding decisions.

North Carolina’s airports provide direct service to and from several international destinations.