Who’s That Bloomberg Guy Knockin’ On My Door?


For a welcome break from campaign nastiness, check out the video of Mike Bloomberg knocking on door No. 1,000,018 in Williamsburg.

It’s the fourth day of Succoth, according to mayoral video DJ Barnett Zitron, and the door swings open to an impossibly crowded room of fully garbed and ecstatic Hasidim who start tumbling around like the Marx Brothers as the doo wop tune, “Who’s that Knockin'” plays in the background.

The song was a hit for The Genies out of Long Beach in 1958 and the actual lyrics don’t quite jibe with the royal Williamsburg welcome the mayor gets, not that it matters. For the record, the tune goes this way:

Who’s that knocking on my door

All last night and the night before

Boom boom boom, bang bang bang

I can’t stand this awful thing

Who’s that knocking on my door

Who’s that calling, calling my name

Tossed a brick through my window pane

Boom boom boom, bang bang bang

Rap, rap, rap is driving me insane