GOP Public Advocate Candidate Does ACORN Joke, Gets Press


Since his run-off victory, Democratic public advocate nominee Bill de Blasio has been taking it slow and cautious, as may be wise in a race where Democrats are heavily favored. But his Republican challenger Alex Zablocki (pictured) isn’t lying down for him. Zablocki, not a me-too party hack but a Tea Partying true-believer, is running hard and making bold promises (“I will fight to fix problems within hours, not days”).

One problem, though: His Tea Party pals may be surprised to see that many of those promises call for more government intervention — for example, ” I will advocate for more funding for our public schools.” Public schools! What is he, a socialist? And wait’ll they get a load of this: “As an avid bicyclist, I understand the importance of bike lanes and bike safety.” Will the comrades understand this is the sort of thing you have to say in our god-forsaken Communist hellhole?

Zablocki seems to have found a way to shore up his right wing: today he tells the Daily News he wants volunteers to design an ACORN costume for Halloween ACORN, as you may remember, was the subject of a conservative investigation, and remains a rightwing swear word. Zablocki’s message: “ACORN and the Working Families Party aren’t just scary on Halloween.”

Zablocki himself declines to wear the giant ACORN or whatever such volunteers as he gets come up with, but we may expect whoever does to get a five-minute segment on Fox News.