In Mayor’s Race, Bloomberg, Press Continue to Beat Up Thompson


Both Mayor Bloomberg and his opponent, Bill Thompson, are expected to march in today’s Columbus Day Parade. This weekend Bloomberg also marched in the Bronx Columbus Day Parade and the Hispanic Day Parade; the New York Post found a couple people to criticize Thompson for not attending (“he figures he can’t win anyway”). In a similar spirit, the Wall Street Journal treats Thompson to the headline, “Outgunned Challenger Fights On in New York Mayor’s Race,” as if it were strange and newsworthy that he hasn’t just given up.

Bloomberg has launched a new anti-Thompson web site, “Bill Thompson: Tax Hikes Across the Board for NYC,” with a video attack ad and the leged, “Politics as usual. Higher Taxes for us.” This is clearly meant to drive the Tea Party People to Bloomberg’s cause, and we look forward to hearing him lead the brethren in the Pledge of Allegiance next time they’re in town.