Sexy Halloween Costumes for Little Girls, 2009 Edition


Now that Columbus Day has arrived, it’s time to concentrate on Halloween, or rather, Halloween outrages. As happens every year, the big menace is “‘Slutty’ Halloween costumes,” about which the New York Post warns us today. Such specimens as the “High Seas Hottie” and “French Maid,” made in sizes suitable for pre-teens, are mentioned. “If girls get used to dressing like this, they might want to become a whore after Halloween,” says one anxious parent.

Some blogs are well ahead of the curve. “Every year, it gets harder and harder to find a costume for my oldest daughter that won’t get her picked up by the cops as a street walker,” wrote BaristaKids on October 1.

We want to play, too! Pictured is the “Preteen Size Red Riding Hood” costume available now at eBay. Yikes. Send your 12-year-old out to trick or treat in this, and she may get more than a candy bar in her basket. Better you should dress her as an acorn.

We’re sure you’ve seen worse; if you have, please let us know.