Tonight! Hope! Kylie! Lenny! Doug!





I loved Built to Spill in college — most of my mixtapes might as well have been “Kicked It in the Sun” on a loop for 90 minutes — but drifted a bit upon my initial stumble into “adulthood,” finding the band’s gruff, hirsute, meat-and-potatoes-and-then-more-meat indie-guitar jams a bit staid and antiquated. But they’ve kept doggedly at it, and on the just-released There Is No Enemy, what once sounded warm and comforting and quietly thrilling does so again, those guitar symphonies still surly and intricate, Doug Martsch’s high-pitched yelp still sweet and inscrutable. They’re at Webster Hall tonight and tomorrow.

Breathy alt-rock demi-godess Hope Sandoval, she of Mazzy Star, has a new band (the Warm Inventions) and a new album (Through the Devil Softly). She’ll be mellowing out the Bowery Ballroom.

Lenny Kravitz! In college I was in a ska band that threatened to do a skanked-up cover of “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” Sometimes I sit around and think about how awesome that would’ve been. He’s at the Fillmore/Irving Plaza tonight and most of the week.

Kylie Minogue’s bedazzled reign continues tonight and tomorrow at Hammerstein Ballroom, if you’re into that sort of thing. I advise you to get into it.