When Did You Stop Watching SNL?


The grandaddy of late-night comedy shows, Saturday Night Live, got a boost when Emmy awards went to Tina Fey‘s priceless Sarah Palin impression and Justin Timberlake‘s equally riotous impersonation of a host.

And they just got even bigger buzz when a new cast member dropped the f bomb and Madonna shticked it up on the air with Lady Gaga (a twosome I predicted on my May 27 blog, thank you).

But for a lot of old-time viewers, being dragged back to the set for this show has been a long and arduous process. A lot of people I know stopped watching some time ago, preferring to either aimlessly wander the streets or watch Jean Harlow movies and eat trail mix.

The last time I was a faithful viewer was in the late ’90s, when the amazing cast included Cheri Oteri, Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, and Ana Gasteyer. But nowadays I usually forget to watch, often only remembering when it’s too late.

When did you stop? When Chevy left?