Bon Appetit: Selling Stuff


Yesterday, we sighed over an Ad Age piece that posited that Gourmet could have made more money if S.I. Newhouse had better branded the magazine, by pushing products emblazoned with the Gourmet name.

Well, what do you know? Here’s what the Post has to say today about Conde Nast’s remaining food title:

Browsing through the first half of Bon Appetit makes one realize how desperate the food publishing industry is. It’s become all about selling stuff. What gets us is that some of it doesn’t even have anything to do with food. Wishbone necklace, anyone? How about a $500 bottle of vanilla cologne?

The new issue hasn’t plunked into our mailbox yet, so we haven’t checked this out for ourselves–are the products cross-branded promotional stuff, or featured in editorial? (In the latter case, it could be in order to sell ads to those companies.)

In happier news, Fork in the Road ordered a subscription to The Art of Eating yesterday, an ad-free food magazine.