“The best thing to happen to books since they were put on tape!” Carson Daly declared about the Chicago-based phenomenon Naked Girls Reading. OK, calm down, Carson. Yes, these bookish lasses, who wear nothing but maybe a feather in their hair, are coming to New York for the first time. And they won’t be reading just any old books—they’ll be reading banned books (you bad, bad girls!). Frankly, we’re a little annoyed that New Yorkers didn’t think of this first—seriously, how did that happen? Anyway, tonight, local burlesque stars Jo Boobs, Legs Malone, and GiGi La Femme, and special guest Michelle L’Amour, the founder of this whole brilliant unclothed literary thing, read books such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, and Alice in Wonderland, while you sip cocktails, lounge in plush velvet chairs, and enjoy the scenery—uh, we mean, the story.

Fri., Oct. 16, 8 p.m., 2009