Looking Forward To Phantom of the Opera 2?


On naughty, bawdy Broadway, Phantom of the Opera has made more money than all the hookers in the area combined, so you knew there’d eventually be a sequel. And so, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is launching the followup, Love Never Dies, in London, and later in New York, where the tourists will have to wonder, “Should we see Phantom 1, Phantom 2, or neither?”

For the discerning theatergoer, some other vital questions come to mind:

Is this a case of how greed never dies?

Do we really need the sequel, with the Phantom running around Coney Island as Christine wonders if he’s the father of her baby?

Is Webber wildly overspending on the show, as discussed in this Post article?

And aren’t they smart to avoid using big stars, so they can at least save a few buck on that expense? As Phantom 1 proved, a show like this can run forever with someone practically plucked at random from the audience. The real star is the chandelier!