Lucky Dragons On WFMU Last Night/At Light Industry Tonight


DJ/Rupture’s Mudd Up! radio program on WFMU hosted Luke Fischbeck’s Lucky Dragons yesterday evening–fitting, as the two of them have some old Cambridge history together. The audio is up already, and it includes fun war stories about the band’s Cambridge days, lots of well chosen Lucky Dragons outtakes and ephemera, and some good conversation about participatory aesthetics and what exactly the idea is behind having the audience play most of the instruments at LD shows. Old hardcore records and free jazz for the nostalgic win. Those curious about why this band ended up being the sole opener for Thom Yorke’s band out in LA last week would do well to listen in. “In those situations, the only direction we can go is extremely psychedelic,” Luke says. “There’s so many different ways to talk about what happened that night.” Lucky Dragons play a Showpaper benefit tonight at Light Industry out in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, doing live soundtracks to Rose Lowder films. More info about that here.