Lulu & Mooky’s Brings Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream to Allen Street


They’ve been doing this sort of thing in Utah for awhile now, but until last week, New York was bereft of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Per Tasting Table, Lulu & Mooky’s, which just set up shop on Allen Street, is now serving 50 flavors of the stuff, which is chilled almost instantaneously in a -320 degree F blast of liquid nitrogen. It reportedly tastes just like regular ice cream, but has a smoother and denser texture, thanks to the smaller and more plentiful ice crystals that are formed in the chilling process. And it also comes with a trippy fog machine effect. One suspiciously euphoric Yelper has already posted a rave review of the place, noting that it’s “cheaper than many of the gelato places in the area.” But that may be because it actually takes time and labor to make ice cream when you’re not cryogenically freezing it.