Madoff Allegedly Wins Fight with Fellow Thug


Bernie Madoff continues to be good copy. The new story is that he got in a fight — or, more properly, a “prison-yard tussle” — with an unidentified opponent. The consensus is that the opponent shoved first and, in an escalating war of shoves, Madoff knocked said opponent to the ground, then stood over him in an aggressive manner until “the stunned attacker went chicken and took off.”

Madoff is 71 years old. While, in this 2008 shoving match, he seems capable of standing his ground against a news photographer, we are given to believe that prison fights are of a different character than press-line confrontations. Perhaps his opponent was a hulking bruiser, but we suspect he was another white-collar crook, perhaps with a walker or scoliosis. Either that or he’s in the employ of Madoff’s public relations agents. Next up: Madoff puts down a prison riot with his silvery tongue, earns trustee status.