Market Watch: Brode Galeux d’Eysines Frightens Union Square Shoppers


Underneath the glue-on peanuts, worm holes, or whatever they are, is an orange pumpkin.

The French name means “embroidered with the eyes of Eysines,” referring to a town in the south of France. The brode galeux d’Eysines is a pumpkin that weighs around ten pounds, and the flesh is sweet and pale; some say it’s the most perfect pumpkin for pumpkin pie. The winter squash, from a family of vegetables known as cucurbits (which also includes melons and gourds), is slow-growing and considered an heirloom variety. It doesn’t appear in farmers markets in the city–if you can find it at all–until October.

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A group of brode galeux d’Eysines having an ugliness contest among themselves.

A selection of the cucurbits available in the farmers markets this week.