The Taco Truck Opens in North Jersey, Reaches Apotheosis of Vendrification


Per its publicity arm, the Taco Truck has officially launched, and is now roving the streets of Hoboken and Jersey City, selling “sustainably responsible” Mexican staples like tacos, tortas, tamales, and sopas.

While the truck’s commitment to green practices — it’s outfitted with recycling and composting systems — is admirable, what’s even more remarkable is how fully it embodies every last affectation of the new wave of vendrified food trucks, and then some. In addition to its glossy website, green business philosophy, and Facebook and Twitter pages, the Taco Truck comes armed not only with a chef (Rosa Mexicano’s Roberto Santibanez), but also a founder and CEO (Jason Scott, formerly of Urban Angler), COO, marketing director, and creative director. Unsurprisingly, the truck’s creators also have plans to open a brick-and-mortar storefront in an as yet unspecified location sometime next year.

While food trucks are obviously businesses like any other, and any business owner would reasonably argue that social networking, publicity, and meticulously designed packaging are crucial to any money-making venture these days, the degree to which the Taco Truck has synthesized all of these things is still a bit staggering. Its campaign should dispel any lingering doubt — if any still remained — that opening a food truck is not just about opening a food truck. When a food truck comes with a COO and marketing director, there’s nothing street about it.