Yankee Fan, Charged with Running Down Sox Fan, Says She was Conned into Confession


Back in May of 2008, it is charged, a Yankee-lover in Nashua, New Hampshire drove into some Red Sox fans (who, enraged by her Yankees sticker, were jumping on her car) and killed one of them. Today it is revealed that the driver, Ivonne Hernandez, is backing off her confession, claiming a detective falsely suggested to her that the fatality, Matthew Beaudoin, was still alive. She says the detective portrayed the bogus info as beneficial to her case, and encouraged her to give a statement based on his friendly advisement.

It is alleged that Hernandez, who had earlier got in a fistfight with a female member of the offending party outside a local bar, got her car clear of her assailants, who were yelling “Yankees suck!” as they attacked it, but then turned around and went after them. She has been in police custody since that time.