Driver/Funnyman/Rapist Erupts in Court, is Sentenced to Max


Torkieh Sadagheh was sentenced yesterday for the rape and attempted rape of exotic dancers whom he had picked up in his livery cab. As you may recall, a neighbor had compared Sadagheh to Borat, in that he adopted socially an obnoxious hey-sexy persona; unlike Borat, Sadagheh was not popular (“He wanted to know what old people knew about sex. This guy is a real jerk”). In court Sadagheh reverted to form, telling the judge he was “worse than Hitler” and calling his rape victim a “prostitute.” He also claimed to have been railroaded. The Daily News further reports he “incomprehensibly compared himself to an assembly line cake and shouted, ‘In America sex is legal!'” This misapprehension of the concept of consent may have motivated the judge to sentence him to the max, and an additional 30 days for contempt of court.