Former Limelight/Avalon/Amoral Club Den Will Be A Mall Soon


The elegant former Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion that hunches up on 6th Avenue, a few blocks north of 14th Street, has not been treated well since God left–its subsequent tenant was the Limelight, the now-defunct club famous for the 1996 murder and dismemberment of its resident drug dealer, which closed in the late ’90s, only to give way in this decade to Avalon, a regrettable, sterile rock club. Avalon closed for good in 2007, but earlier this year, Lounge-owner Jack Menashe announced plans to bring back the space and the Limelight name for the grand purpose of exorcising the venue’s demons once and for all and turning it into a shopping center. Today, Limelight Marketplace released renderings of the future mall. “When it opens,” writes Gothamist, “expect to see jewelry, organic groceries, candy, art, home decor, a salon and a sneaker shop.” Because none of those things presently exist in Manhattan. Someone should have mercy on this poor church and just burn it the fuck down.

Limelight Marketplace Readies to Open [Gothamist]