Kids Who Rocked State Math Scores Did Much Less Well on Nat’l Tests


Wayne Barrett told us there was something fishy about the improved test scores of city schoolchildren on which Bloomberg and his allies like to brag. Now the National Assessment of Educational Progress says that the math scores in tests it runs show much more modest results for New York kids than New York’s own tests had shown.

NAEP found the state’s 4th graders did a little worse than they had in 2007 — 8th graders did a little better. A significantly smaller percentage of New York kids take the NAEP tests than take the state tests, so it’s not an exact basis for comparison, but as the state tests had shown gains for 4th and 8th graders of nine and fourteen points, respectively, for the same period, it doesn’t look like a statistical error, either.

New York City’s scores won’t be known till after the election. Those ought to be interesting. New York State now ranks 30th among U.S. states in the NAEP’s standings.