Obama Dances Momentarily with Thalia at Latino Event; Outrage Forthcoming


Last night the President attended a “Fiesta Latina” at the White House, taped for PBS broadcast and featuring George Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Los Lobos and other familiar names. At one point singer Thalia got Obama to dance with her for a couple of seconds. Amazingly there has been no rightblogger outrage over this yet, so the New York Post primes the pump with an item declaring that “Obama got the cold shoulder from wife Michelle last night after busting out in an impromptu salsa dance with spicy Latin pop star Thalia.” She does appear to be paying attention to the ongoing performance rather than him, but who knows, maybe it was because she’s a big Thalia fan, or because he farted in the car on the way over; ladies hang onto things like that, are we right, fellas? Or, as keeper of the flame, she disapproved of him reminding people of his limited dance repertoire; maybe he should work on his splits. In related news, Lopez called Obama a Latino because “he’s living in a house that’s not his.”