Pix From KeBeer, a New Russian Beer Garden in Brighton Beach


The tap beers at KeBeer are cheap, and the decor positively medieval.

This week, Counter Culture surfs Brighton Beach on a wave of foamy beer. The beer garden in question is called KeBeer, and it’s one of those indoor beer gardens that have become standard in New York City. The selection of tap beers is mainly German, though bottles of Belgian, English, and American beers are available, among others. All prices are so sub-Manhattan, it’s worth it to train out there, if you don’t live in the vicinity already. The food verges on the superb, and is broad-ranging for a beer garden, including Uzbek, Russian, Georgian, Israeli, and other Middle Eastern fare. Forge onward for some tasty pix.

Katchapouri (here called “hatchapouri”) is a cheese-oozing pastry that goes down particularly well with hoppy beer.

Achuchu (Bless you!) is a juicy salad of tomatoes and purple onions.

Garlic-strewn and fried deep brown, chicken tablaka is a Georgian classic, and you won’t find a better dish in any beer garden in town.


Cowfoot and chickpea soup is a rib-sticker that will prove popular as winter approaches.

A wurst platter is a frequent special at KeBeer. The only problem: The sausages don’t taste very much like wursts.

The pickled mushroom platter will delight vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike.