Post Explores Perils of Jaywalking, Finds Citizens Unconvinced


Today in the Post: Jaywalking! Threat or menace? (Well, WCBS already scooped them on the dangers of holiday shopping, so they had to go with this.) They find New Yorkers continuing to walk against lights even after the recent, gruesome pinning under a bus of jaywalker Lolaa Alrashied. “That devil-may-care attitude can be life-threatening,” says the Post, and informs us that in other cities, our “openly flouting the law” won’t go. (“We don’t do that in Seattle.”) Then they do a point-counterpoint, in which funnyman Colin Quinn is given the cheerful task of defending jaywalking (“Walking is our car. You need to jaywalk just to make the light”), leaving someone from the Triple A who drew the short straw to drone that “playing by the rules is the only way to prevent people from getting hurt.” Gonna get a lot of letters on this one.

Don’t scoff too hard, citizen-pedestrians; the authorities are working hard to get cyclists to obey traffic laws, and they’ll get to the jaywalkers eventually. Image (cc) heathbrandon.