Strange Snacks of the World: Baby Coconuts


Nothing like eating a handful of crunchy baby coconuts for a snack.

Known as coquitos in their native Chile, baby coconuts are the immature fruit of Jubaea chilensis, a palm tree that favors temperate climates, can grow to a height of 50 to 80 feet, and can live 100 years. The baby coconuts are also known as coker nuts, pygmy coconuts, or monkey’s coconut, and are a popular snack in Chile eaten raw, cooked into jellies and jams, or shredded and used like coconut to top cookies and cakes. They taste just like large mature coconuts, only the skin leaves something of a scum in the mouth. Still, a good thing to bring out during a football game to freak out your friends. Now available in area produce stores, originating in either Chile or California.