The Decline and Fall and Possible Rise of Krispy Kreme


When Krispy Kreme opened its first New York branch on Twenty-Third Street in 1996, it was a more innocent, unassuming time for cheap and not particularly healthy food. Doughnuts were merely doughnuts, free of any socially redeeming values and artisanal aspirations. New York, and much of the rest of the country, devoured Krispy Kreme with gusto. The company went public in 2000, and three years later, its stock was valued at $49 a share. But despite the popularity of its product, Krispy Kreme subsequently hit a downward spiral. Yahoo Finance has an informative look at what it calls the “tragedy” of Krispy Kreme, tracing its bad fortune to poor business practices and finding some glimmer of hope in its new management — as well as the recent resurgence of interest in the 1,500-calorie Krispy Kreme burger.