Threatened Bus, Subway Worker Slowdown Seems Not to Be Happening, Yet (Update: Or Is It?)


The Transit Workers Union us supposed to be holding a “Day of Outrage” today. The beef is that TWU workers received an 11 percent raise in arbitration, but MTA is crying poor and is suing to overturn the ruling.

The Dies Irae is supposed to include a work slowdown by bus and subway workers, but we haven’t heard of any significant delays yet. NYCTrains reports only the usual “residual delays” in early-morning traffic, and 511NYC‘s local reports are as usual. Gothamist’s readers don’t see much going down either. “True the service was shitty today,” says one, “but how can we differentiate today’s shitty service from the usual shitty service we’ve grown so used to?”

Looks like TWU just wanted our attention. They plan a noon rally at 211th Street and Broadway.

Update: …or is it? In comments GiorgioNYC is “suspicious” about the cause of the 7 train’s trouble last night.

Update 2: “The L was all screwed up this morning,” a correspondent tells us. “And the commute home is supposed to be even worse.” Thedvl tweets, “Waiting for 4 trains, check. Being stalled for 20 mins, check. Crazy woman walking around w/ no pants, check.” No pants? Gasp, TWU’s going for PsyOps! This thing is big.