Tom Mylan, Josh Applestone, and the Greene Grape to Provide More Porktastic Events This Month


October is shaping up to be the most porcine of months. On October 25, Tom Mylan, whose Meat Hook is scheduled to open the first week of November, will break down half a pig with his comrade in carrion, Joshua Applestone, at the New Amsterdam Market. Applestone is the proprietor of Fleisher’s, the Kingston, N.Y., shop where Mylan apprenticed and Julie Powell recovered from her adventures in adultery: watching the repartee between him and his erstwhile student promises to be at least as entertaining as the slicing and dicing itself.

The following weekend, October 31 – November 1, Greene Grape Provisions will continue the piggy splendor with a two-day pig butchering workshop and feast at Smithereen Farm in Red Hook, N.Y. The butchered pigs will be turned into a snout-to-tail menu by the Grape’s Daniel Meyer and Bryan Mayer, the latter of whom also trained at Fleisher’s. The suggested donation is $125 and is in no way required, and the event’s organizers are also happy to accept work in lieu of payment. You can secure a spot by RSVP’ing to