Video: Rev . Billy Heckles Mayor Bloomberg



As we mentioned last night, Green Party mayoral candidate Reverend Billy Talen yelled, “What are you doing? We voted for term limits!” at Bloomberg early in last night’s debate, to which he was only welcome as a member of the audience. Here is the video. “We’re trying to poke through the $65 million TV screen that weighs down on us in Gotham City,” the Reverend says at his blog. He also says he warmed up by “shouting in the street” and hosting “a shoe-tossing with an effigy of Mike Bloomberg.” After he was dragged out, the cops informed him that his ticket was “no longer operative” and let him go. The heckle got the Reverend more press than anything else he’s done in his campaign, but we doubt they’ll let him anywhere near the next debate on October 27. Maybe it’s time for a Soy Bomb.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 14, 2009


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