Bloomberg & Giuliani to Campaign Together in Friendly NY Territories


Far be it from us to advise Mayor Bloomberg on electioneering, but we wonder if he has thought through his plan to campaign with hated former mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He warmed up for it during the recent mayoral debate, when he said Giuliani would make a good governor. And someone planted an apparently bogus story about the two Mayors battling for Yankee Stadium playoff seating, which we assume was circulated to get their names mentioned together.

Admittedly they have chosen appropriate venues. So far it is revealed that they will team up in Borough Park this weekend, where the Hasidim are very Giuliani-friendly, for a Jewish Community Council breakfast. And on Halloween they’ll join Beep James Molinaro in Staten Island, residents of which are big fans.

But if the duo stray into, say, Park Slope or other such communities, or even if word gets around, their pairing may stir untoward results. It’s been shown that Bloomberg polls much worse when he’s identified (inaccurately) as a Republican. Hanging with the former GOP Preisdential contender — admittedly the only one of those who would conceivably campaign with Bloomberg, now that Nixon is dead — may make people forget the Mayor’s carefully calculated switch to independent status.