Catholics Angered by Sarah Silverman’s Plan to End World Hunger


Sarah Silverman’s suggestion for feeding “grossy, sick, emaciated people from all over the world” is simple enough: Sell the Vatican. The Catholic League, a U.S. Catholic civil rights organization, has responded by denouncing the comedienne for her “obscene” and “filthy diatribe,” adding that such a statement would never be made about, say, the chief rabbi of Jerusalem. After all, says the League, the “Catholic Church operates more hospitals and feeds more of the poor than any private institution in the world.”

Rev. James Martin, however, wasn’t so quick to judge Silverman. “Perhaps Ms. Silverman, in her postmodern, potty-mouthed way, is on to something,” he said in a Web article. “Like Jesus was. Sell the Vatican? Well, maybe not everything but perhaps a statue or two?” That might fetch a pretty penny’s worth of sustenance.