Obama Outrage Du Jour: Won’t Meet With Hippies in San Francisco


Fresh from disgusting the nation with his so-called “Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize,” President Obama’s latest outrage is that he will not meet with hippies in San Francisco, but will instead meet with rich people at a Democratic fundraiser there.

“Hiding from the leftists in San Francisco,” says Michelle Malkin. “Obama to avoid the rabble on S.F. visit,” says the San Francisco Chronicle. “Obama to Hide from Liberals in San Francisco,” says New York magazine. “Obama fears Code Pink,” says Don Surber, and other “groups that supported The Won. Bluck, bluck, bluck, bluck, bluck…”

We remember when Code Pink et alia were considered witches and bad for America. Now, President Obama is committing a grave offense by refusing to hang out with them. Maybe he can compromise with his opponents and allow Aaron Kaye to hit him with a pie.

Malkin is also enraged that Michelle Obama will not visit South Carolina, home of Joe Wilson and other nuts. (The First Lady recently learned that she is descended from slaves in that area — or, as the Palmetto Scoop cautiously put it for the home crowd, “discovered that some of her ancestors were from South Carolina.”) Clearly Obama can only win back the faith of the American people by leaving travel arrangements for himself and his family to his mortal enemies. Next stop: Dealey Plaza!