Quick Hits


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Mayor Bloomberg suggested in a meeting with the Daily News editorial board that he had to spend $65 million on his reelection because New York is a Democratic town (“This is a city where one party happens to dominate and party is very important”), and thus unfairly resistant to even former Republicans like himself. In case you’re joining us from outer space, the past four mayoral elections have been won by Rudolph Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, who is the fucking incumbent.

Rush Limbaugh blames his ouster from a group of fellow millionaires trying to buy the Rams on liberals. “This is about the ongoing effort by the left in this country, wherever you find them, in the media, the Democrat Party, or wherever, to destroy conservatism…” Wow, the Left has the Presidency, both houses of Congress, and the NFL? Socialized medicine here we come!

New York has the complete guide to dressing like Lady Gaga for Halloween.

The sick, mutilated goats found wandering near the Hutchinson River Parkway may have been part of a Santeria ritual, thinks the Times. We’ve already explained this to you pathetic humans…

Bill Thompson has been endorsed by the Amsterdam News and El Diario. This may increase the 53 percent of black citizens and 37 percent of Hispanic citizens who say they’ll vote for him.

A musical based on the life of Andy Warhol, called POP! will open at the Yale Rep on November 27th. Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk) will star as Warhol, with Emily Swallow (High Fidelity) as Viva and Leslie Kritzer (A Catered Affair) as Valerie Solinas. We know it’s hard to tell sometimes but we are not making this up.

Quote of the Day: “There aren’t enough lifeboats. Someone is going to die. So you might as well enjoy the champagne and caviar!” — JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon to his staff just before Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. More here.