Tech-Friendly Staten Island Judge Sent to Manhattan, Where They Go For That


Staten Island judge Matthew A. Sciarrino is very cutting edge tech-wise: long before the recent, celebrated arrest of a woman for violating a protection order by poking the protectee on Facebook, he ruled that MySpace Friend Requests between such parties are illegal. Sciarrino has also been an inveterate Facebook user who once updated his page and posted a picture of his courtroom from the bench, presumably using his phone. He has also friended lawyers who appear before him.

Though he has also complained publicly about staffing and conditions at Stapleton Criminal Court, local papers quote sources leaning toward the tech explanation for Sciarrino’s new transfer from the Stapleton court to… Manhattan. And though aversion to reform is something we may easily attribute to anything on Staten Island, we have to admit the social media thing makes sense to us too. So ya wanna play around with computers and Facebooks? Go ta Manhattan with all the other fancy Dans!

Sciarrino’s reaction to the transfer is not yet recorded.