Worst Halloween Costume Update: Human Facebook Pages


When we listed the 10 worst Halloween costumes of the year, we hadn’t yet heard about this. It has its merits: Apparently no one is selling Facebook costumes, and the many noticed by are homemade, which we generally approve. And there have been some amusing variants. But was able to find at least 50 of them, and there is something disturbing about a social media costume going viral in the meat world, a sphere in which we were previously able to escape from such nonsense. It conjures visions of parties where people limit their utterances to 140 characters, or “poke” you to engage conversation. And does it remind you at all of the internet bubble era, when adults on scooters went around telling us that soon everyone would be digital and rich? That’s a nostalgia we’re not ready for, unless it comes with the same easy money.

(h/t urlesque.)