Balloon Boy Exposes Fraud, Crackpot Dad “Appalled” at “Media”


Falcon the Bogus Balloon Boy seems to have spilled the beans in an interview: “You guys said that we did this for the show,” he told dad Richard Heene as news cameras rolled. When Larry King nudged Wolf Blitzer into questioning Heene about his child’s bizarre statement, Heene, as any modern grifter would, affected to be “appalled” at the “media” (“they said out in front… that I wouldn’t have to be bothered for the rest of the week with any shows or anything,” added the star of Wife Swap), prompting Wolf Blitzer to kiss his ass.

We suppose any amount of official expense and risk of life, and public panic, is worth it if Heene can get the government to explore life in outer space and put him back on TV. Keene should be sent off in a balloon, preferably heading away from the coast.