Conservatives Urged to Boycott NFL


In the annals of rightwing hubris, we haven’t seen much to equal this: one of the conservatives enraged that Rush Limbaugh’s ex-partners have excluded him from their plans to buy the Rams (which Limbaugh and his followers blame on liberals) has proposed that patriots counter-attack by… boycotting the NFL.

“I have cancelled my DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package (including the Supercast),” declares “Teflon” of “I will not watch ONE MINUTE of NFL games or coverage this season — including the Super Bowl.” He also says that, like all good Americans, “I have two official [Raiders] jerseys — I will be following the suggestion to cut them up and sent them to [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell.” That’s going the extra mile, soldier!

Raise hands, citizens, and take the pledge! Major conservative blogs endorse Teflon’s plan. “I’ll bet there’s a big overlap between Limbaugh fans and NFL fans, though,” says Instapundit, “so it’ll be interesting to see who wins out in a battle for loyalties.”

Battle for loyalties? He actually thinks Sunday afternoon beer-and-wings fans will eschew their ritual viewings so Rush will know they care? We doubt he’s that stupid — he’s just looking for readers who are.

So, Limbaugh loyalists, send in your photos of yourself ignoring a football game! George Washington will give you a giant-foam-#1-finger from the Great Sports Bar in the sky.