Lawyer: Monserrate, Victim to Get Married


It has an air of poetic justice, or maybe Stockholm Syndrome: State senator Hiram Monserrate plans to marry Katy Giraldo, the woman whose face he was accused of carving with a broken glass in a trial that recently went his way, his lawyer says. “Apparently, that’s their intentions,” mouthpiece Joe Tacopina told Fox 5. Meanwhile more office-holders have joined Liz Krueger in trying to eject Monserrate from their club: Democratic state senator David Valesky says Monserrate should “resign his post immediately. If he chooses not to do so, I will work with other members of the Senate to seek his removal.” Senator Brian Foley says the same. But we expect most of Monserrate’s colleagues will react more like this and try to forget it ever happened. You know, like Giraldo apparently has.