Posts of the Week


It’s Friday afternoon, meaning it’s time for a look back at the best posts of the week:

We ranked our Top 10 Greek restaurants.

The Vanderbilt opens next week. Here’s a sneak preview of its cocktails.

Sustainable-meat maven Bev Eggleston talked about his plans to bring his business to New York.

Devi’s chef, Hemant Mathur, talked about Diwali and the special meal he and Suvir Suran will be cooking at James Beard House in honor of the holiday.

And speaking of Diwali, here’s how to make peda.

Battle of the Dishes pitted yuppiefied candy corn against its more old-school counterpart.

Armpit grooming preferences figured into this week’s episode of Top Chef.

Incredibly Cheap Eats luxuriated in fried chicken from Clinton Hill’s Yafa Deli.

Strange Snacks of the World chewed on some baby coconuts.

Our Man Sietsema journeyed to Brighton Beach to check out KeBeer, a new Russian beer garden.

Save the Deli‘s David Sax talked about the enduring allure of hot, fatty meat.

The Early Word on Ed’s Chowder House: skip it.

Fork in the Road on the Road paid a visit to Chicago’s Hoosier Mama Pie Company.

Photos from the fringes of last week’s NY Wine & Food Festival: Guy Fieri’s head, fake gardens for the children.

Montreal-based baker Sam Sidawi gave us the recipe for his rib eye roast with shallots and mushrooms on baguette.

This week, g-u-t-b-o-m-b was spelled with Pueblan Pata Cemita from La Fiesta in the Bronx.