This Weekend! Saint Vitus, Echo and the Bunnymen, Glenn Branca, and David Bazan


“Basically, I think right now, the world’s in shit,” Scott “Wino” Weinrich told the Voice‘s own Phil Freeman recently, by way of explaining the decision to revive the finest iteration of doom-metal giants Saint Vitus for a brief tour. “There’s a lot of despair, a lot of economic problems. People have had a lot of misfortune, and the kind of music we play is music for the times. It’s not happy fucking poppy-type shit where everything’s groovy. It’s more introspective, and I think it fills a void.” Unfazed the by the news that the Dow’s back about 10,000, the band’s going ahead with their show at Europa tonight. No being groovy.

Also Friday: The New Yorker Festival welcomes the Dirty Projectors, House of Ladosha, Jubilee, and Liturgy to the Bell House; for the slightly less sophisticated, the mighty Electric Six do the Hiro Ballroom. The threat of nudity is omnipresent.

Saturday Echo and the Bunnymen are playing the Mercury Lounge for some reason — let’s hope the soundsystem can handle it. Same goes for the Glenn Branca Ensemble at Issue Project Room.

Sunday it’s all about David Bazan at Bowery Balloom; you can reminisce about the tickets you could’ve won here.