TLC Makes Life Even Harder for Cabbies, Shuts Off Their Phones, Threatens Their Licenses


Cab drivers go through hell to make a buck-three-eighty, and now the Taxi and Limousine Commission, whom they all justifiably hate, is making life more unpleasant for them, banning cabbies from even wearing those phone headsets with which they converse with their relatives back home while you relax in the back. And get this: after three violations, the cabbies will lose their licenses.

The Commission had considered other stupid, draconian measures — including jamming cabbies’ mobile phone service in the cab, which Animal New York pointed out “will come in handy when they need to call 911” — before settling on this lower-tech nanny-state alternative.

TLC may have been motivated by the complaints of the rich bastards at the Times last month, who in an editorial headlined with the churlish joke, “Feel Ignored? Try Calling Your Taxi Driver,” pretended this was a big deal for anyone but their fragile-boned dowager mothers (“Riders especially worried about safety can take the unusual step of buckling their seatbelts”).

They better watch it. By the law of unintended consequences, we may find all the good cabbies moving to Toronto or Chicago. Image (cc) Thomas Fano.