Tweet to That: Twitter Makes Wine for Literacy (OMFG!)


The journalist who wrote the AP story on Twitter’s new wine label couldn’t resist the joke: “Everyone likes a wine with character. How about one with 140 of them?” Lol.

The bigger punch-line, however, is that the founders of the social media site that requires its users to write in abbreviated, acronymized snippets have launched their own wine label to raise money for — of all things — literacy. Twitter employees have teamed up with Crushpad, a custom crush facility that allows oenophiles to make their own wine, to produce a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that will sell for $20 per bottle, with $5 going to non-profit Room to Read. The wines will be released next summer, but a barrel tasting will take place early next year with tasters tweeting their notes on the samplings. Of course, the most important part has already been finalized: branding. The wines will be labeled Fledgling.