Week in Review: Pajamas Are Pussified


In the week a tiny little boy named Falcon first captured America’s heart and then threw up on that heart on live television and even rhymed about doing so in song, we swam feebly in the ocean of headlines involving both Michael Jackson and Paul Anka, DJ AM and James Chance, M.I.A. and Anna Wintour, and all the other unlikely celebrity mash-up hard-knock docu-drama death-deals that so thoroughly keep us all employed. Ahem. Did you hear Diddy lost some jewelry?

Rational discourse is possible. No Age told us about why Milo & Otis is not the loveable childhood film we all remember. David Bazan gave us a song to give to you, and talked about making what was basically a breakup album with god. So Percussion chatted with us about what exactly their “Imaginary City” looks like, and even allowed us to excerpt some of it for download. And O.C. and A.G. stormed back over with their new banger “Think About It,” although they’d be the first to tell you, of course, that they never left.

Outside, in the real world, DJs cavorted with DJs at Plan B, while Kylie Minogue flirted with her very own crystal skull at Hammerstein, These Are Powers performed at a forceful benefit for Issue Project Room, and Que Bajo!? jumped off at Santos as it does every month, or thereabouts.

Meanwhile CBGB celebrated its third year of oblivion, and the former Limelight club took a few steps toward returning from oblivion, releasing garish renderings of the mall it will soon become. Unlike both club phantoms, Academy Records never went away.

R.I.P. Blue Cheer’s Dickie Peterson.

Plus, the long-awaited Roxanne Shante non-apology, LCD Soundsystem’s Alan Vega cover, videos from Girls, Jemina Pearl, and Julianna Barwick, that Sonic Youth/Gossip Girl cameo, and our president, dancing to rap music, because that’s just how we get down. Back on Monday.