The further media adventures of Balloon Boy’s dad


Reality TV wannabe Richard Heene, whose 6-year-old son didn’t float off in a homemade fake UFO followed by essentially everyone in the national press with a camera earlier this week, is talking to the media again after a self-imposed hiatus of, um, last night.

Heene, who finished up Thursday “appalled” by the media, still managed to force himself, and his entire family, through a full morning of TV appearances on Friday before withdrawing from the public eye with a nice telegenic note on the family front door pleading tiredness.

This morning, presumably refreshed, Heene called a press conference, promising a big announcement, and delivering a cardboard box, which he instructed the assembled press to put questions in for a later news conference.

Fun Heene family factoid: According to the Denver Post, Richard owned a production company in LA with wife Mayumi which developed audition tapes, demo reels and websites to help actors “achieve their marketing goals.” Among the things he produced was a video called Box Time: Playhouse, which showed how to have imaginative fun with cardboard boxes. That starred his kids too. The Heenes recently tried to sell a reality show about their family to Jon and Kate network TLC.

Local law enforcement, who might want to be reimbursed for the balloon chase if they don’t like what they hear, are currently speaking to both Richard and Mayumi Heene. Child protective services are in line behind them. The rest of us, I guess, are just going to have to wait for the press conference.