Next day stories


The Albany Times-Union wants Hiram Monserrate pushed out to preserve “[n]othing less than whatever dignity is left” to the State Senate. The editorial calls Monserrate’s continued presence “an assault on the sensibilities of the people of New York in the first degree” which would show the Senate as “an institution lacking any standards and any decency whatsoever.”

The News has hundreds of people marching against anti-gay violence in College Point, where Jack Price was attacked last week. “More than a dozen” supporters of suspect Daniel Rodriguez continued his family’s charm offensive by counterprotesting with “Free Danny” signs, apparently under the impression that you don’t have to go to jail if you break someone’s jaw, collapse their lungs and shatter their ribs as long your friends are fairly certain you did it for non-gay-related reasons.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, which covers south Jersey, endorses Corzine for Governor, mostly because they think Christie and Daggett have dodgy fiscal platforms.